Information Management

CTI provides highly qualified services in the area of Information Management, which we define as the process of handling information in the whole lifecycle, from creation, administration, distribution to presentation. The goal is to help our customer to rationalize this process with reduced lead times, costs and better information quality as consequences.

Our developers, analysts, system architects and project managers have deep knowledge of information structures, administration processes, international standards and market leading tools for information management. Typical assignments for CTI can be analysis and pilot studies of information and systems as well as implementation and integration of information management systems to meet business needs.

CTI customers require systems that could handle large information volumes that is produced and used by many people distributed all over the world. The solutions we implement often have multi language support and support for translations. Our customers have very high demands on information quality and security. Their information must be managed and archived for a long time. Our customers want to benefit from the potential of reusing information and publish the same information on different media in parallel.